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Adapt your SEO Strategy Post COVID-19

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Build a strong SEO Strategy post COVID-19

Our advice and tips

1). Prioritise Local SEO

Take a break from the high-traffic/high-competition key phrases and focus your efforts locally. The Coronavirus has emphasized the importance of local business, revealing the abundance of local produce and services available on our doorstep. Make sure your local community know who you are: Update business hours, include contact information and advertise any special offers. Community spirit has been at the forefront of the Coronavirus, with local businesses and community groups banding together. Establish your business' standing in the locality and prioritise your regional customer base.

2). Stay on top of trends

Keeping up with the latest search trends has never been so important. Through monitoring search trends, you can write related articles, content and social media posts. This allows your company to expand its outreach into new demographics, whilst remaining current and up to date with the ever-changing world. By utilising search trends, you can create content that will interest readers and motivate them to explore your brand.

3). Prepare for changing customer behaviour

The economic and social repercussions of COVID-19 have made customers more frugal and less likely to spend money on non-essential items. Businesses need to be aware of this change in customer behaviour, prioritising essential services whilst understanding consumer spending changes. To influence future customer behaviour, focus SEO on developing informational content, emphasizing the authority, trustworthiness and expertise of your company.

4). Address Coronavirus

Is your company essential or non-essential? Is your company following government guidelines? How do you safely sanitise your company's products? With COVID-19 still at the forefront of people's minds, your company needs to be clear and authoritative with its response. Make sure your web content remains consistent with government guidelines and include a competent FAQ section to build trust with your customer base.

5). Adapt to Customer Behaviour

Monitor how a customer interacts with your site, analyse their user journey and respond accordingly. Before the Coronavirus, customers may have mainly interacted with the main pages of your site: Home, About Us, Our Services etc. Now, customers may be more inclined to browse your News page, read through your company Articles or view your Blog. By simply analysing your high traffic pages, you can adapt your content and keep your customers engaged.

6). Emphasise the future

Use your social media channels and web content to keep your customers optimistic. People have been stuck inside, unable to see their loved ones and uncertain about the future. Produce optimistic content and help your customers focus on the future. Drive your marketing efforts towards future events, products and services. This will help keep your customers happy and engaged.

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More Information

How did COVID-19 change commerce?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus fundamentally altered day to day life as we know it. The governmental response to the virus changed people's habitual behaviour, unreservedly changing their socio-economic practices. Throughout the pandemic, consumers got used to shopping online and utilising digital marketplaces. Because of this, your company's website and social media have never been more important.

Why is SEO now more important than ever?

Maintaining a strong online presence has never been more important. The increasing digitalization of the high street coupled with the pandemic hints toward a future where digital advertising and eCommerce are integral. Take this opportunity to prioritise your company's online presence through SEO strategy and digital marketing practices.

How COVID-19 changed consumer behaviour

Throughout COVID-19, there was no browsing of the high street, no visiting the local shopping centre, and no shopping as a social activity. The Coronavirus has changed how people engage with businesses and brands on a monumental scale. It's essential for companies to adapt to the changing marketplace, consolidating their current position whilst understanding post-lockdown society.

The Importance of Adaptation

It's important to adapt your company's SEO strategy post-COVID-19, adopting a flexible approach to content whilst consistently analysing customer behaviour. Understand your customer base and adapt accordingly.

Need some more advice?

Whilst there is no SEO roadmap for the post-COVID-19 world, Fruitcake Media are here to help where we can. We provide SEO Services in Macclesfield and Manchester. If you have any questions regarding SEO, content or digital strategy, please get in touch.

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