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Why Websites are Essential for Small Businesses

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Why Websites are Essential for Small Businesses

Websites are essential tools for small businesses. They allow start-ups to instantly build credibility, increase brand visibility, and connect with millions of potential customers at the click of a button. Despite the many advantages, nearly 50% of all small businesses don't own a website. In the upcoming article, we are going to discuss why websites are essential for small businesses. We are also going to explain how developing start-ups can best utilise websites, examining the various marketing and sales benefits they bring.


The internet is the worlds biggest high-street, and your website is your stall. Your website is a snapshot of your business, giving customers a small insight as to what you do. A website should grab the attention of visitors, enticing them to interact with your site and explore your services. Through creating a competent website you can inspire visitors to visit your site, resulting in more traffic and ultimately more revenue.

Build Trust

Websites establish credibility and authenticity amongst your customer base. Nowadays consumers are more sceptical than ever, often researching a company before acquiring its services. Without a website, alarm bells start to ring. Through owning a website, you can explain your company ethos, post customer reviews and give customers an insight into the inner-workings of your business. This helps build long-term customer relationships, reassuring them to trust your brand.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Websites work 24/7, consistently marketing your company. Whilst you're sleeping, eating or on holiday, your company is still working, relentlessly marketing your products and services. Websites are arguably the most cost-effective form of advertising available, with web design and web hosting services comparably cheap in comparison to other forms of advertising.

Expand your company's demographic

Websites are global, accessible from any device, location or time-zone. Through optimizing your website adequately, you can target specific locations and industries, expanding your businesses influence considerably. If your website and SEO strategy are competent, your small business can compete with global industry titans on the E-marketplace.

Web Design Services in Macclesfield

At Fruitcake Media, we provide bespoke web design services in Macclesfield. Our websites are aesthetically pleasing, lightening-fast and wholly secure. We pride ourselves on supporting local business, making it our mission to provide the best web design services in Macclesfield. Throughout the Coronavirus lockdown, we are offering free web design services to local businesses in Macclesfield. For more information, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team today.

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