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Social Media Services Cheshire

When utilised correctly, social media campaigns can become a key tool for businesses. Professional social media strategy helps companies increase web traffic, increase brand awareness, endorse company authenticity, and help convert enquiries into sales. When strategising a social media campaign, it's essential to accentuate brand philosophy. Through reiterating the ethos of your brand, you help customers differentiate your company from the competition. Communicating your brand's philosophy builds trust with consumers, adding a personal dimension to the buyer-seller relationship. Fruitcake Media creates bespoke social media campaigns for local businesses in Cheshire. We take care of all facets of your social media needs; designing stunning social media templates, posting targeted social media posts across all channels, and interacting with relevant customer bases.

At Fruitcake Media, we believe that your time is better spent doing the things you are great at; running your business, turning leads into sales, and taking your company to new heights. Why spend your valuable time trawling through Facebook for content ideas? Why squander your precious efforts contemplating which hashtags to use? Why waste your expertise attempting to create the perfect social media template? At Fruitcake Media, we take care of all your social media needs, leaving you free to run your business. We offer a complete end-to-end service that encompasses graphic design, content creation, customer engagement and day-to-day running. We keep all our clients updated regarding their social media progress, creating bespoke content based on their demands.

Visit Social Media Macclesfield, Social Media Wilmslow, Social Media Alderley Edge, Social Media Prestbury for region-specific information or get in touch with our Customer Services Team to find out more.

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Social Media Marketing Cheshire

Here at Fruitcake Media, we offer complete social media strategy to businesses across the UK. Our social media management services ensure elevated brand visibility and increased generated revenue from channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As experts in modern social media marketing, we understand that social media is constantly evolving. As a company, we vow to keep you in the loop, keeping you up to date with the new social media trends and ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Social Media Services Cheshire

Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses. A professional Social Media campaign helps increase website traffic, build brand awareness, and help convert enquiries into sales. The key to successful social media marketing is two-fold; firstly, knowing which social media platform best relates to your business and clients, and secondly, understanding how to utilise that social media platform to its full potential. At Fruitcake Media, we offer professional social media services to local businesses in Cheshire. We take care of social media branding, customer engagement, weekly posts, and social media analysis. Our targeted social media campaigns help companies engage with their customer base, grow their target demographic, and increase company visibility.

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Targeted Social Media Campaigns

At Fruitcake Media, we create targeted social media campaigns for businesses in Cheshire. Though it's nice to receive copious retweets on Twitter, have thousands of Facebook page likes, or hundreds of Instagram followers; in reality, they rarely translate into customers. After all, what's the point in having a large number of American followers if you're a local decorator in Nantwich? We interact with relevant demographics, targeted consumer bases and potential customers, focussing on quality, not quantity.

The Social Media Services we provide

At Fruitcake Media, we provide the following social media services to businesses in Cheshire:

Social media template design: Our designers will create a branded template for social media posts. This means posts look professional, consistent, and increases brand awareness. Though the posts themselves will differ, the template will remain the same across all social media platforms.

Weekly or bi-weekly Posts: Using the pre-designed template, we post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Posts may detail aspects of your website, link to specific pages, or target specific customers. The posts will link to your website or specific web pages thus helping increase traffic.

Targeted Posts: Using hashtag analysis, we can target social media posts at specific demographics or customer bases. This helps increase brand visibility amongst potential customers.

Account Interaction: Through interacting with specific accounts and pages, we can increase the number of potential customers.

Brand Awareness

An efficient social media campaign is the key to increasing brand visibility and company awareness. After all, if potential consumers are unaware that your business exists, they won't become your customer's. Social media marketing makes your company more noticeable amongst potential customers. Whether you want new customers to recognize your business, increase brand awareness in your locality, or reach a specific target audience, a savvy social media strategy is a key aspect of modern marketing.

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Company Authenticity

If you have a strong social media presence, it's easier for customers to find and engage with your company. Nowadays, customer's are increasingly proficient, often researching businesses before using their services. Consumers will have a quick browse of a company's website and social media channels before purchasing. If you are invisible from social media, customers are bound to be sceptical of your business' authenticity. Setting up a strong social media presence builds brand credibility and creates that perfect first impression.

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Customer Engagement

Social media channels allow companies to engage directly with their customers, improving company authenticity and business loyalty. Whether it's communicating through direct messages, a series of Instagram stories, or a Facebook Live Q and A, social media allows businesses to communicate with their followers on a more personable level. Social media channels also act as a research tool, allowing businesses to examine their customer base and demographic of their consumers.

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Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing campaigns can be expensive affairs. The advantage of savvy social media marketing is you can get a lot of bang for your buck. When creating a social media ad campaign, you can target your desired audience with remarkable efficiency, ensuring every penny spent relates to web traffic. In terms of marketing strategy, social media marketing is arguably the most cost-effective out there. Through investing minimal money and time, your company can rival the industry leaders in your sector.

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