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Email Marketing Cheshire

Fully Managed Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing, using email to promote your business. Through managed email campaigns, your company can entice potential customers, cultivate customer loyalty, and keep consumers updated about your brand. Though some digital strategists believe email marketing is outdated, statistically speaking, they could not be more wrong. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates an estimated $38 in ROI. Furthermore, 85% of US businesses still believe email marketing is one of the best customer procurement strategies. Though email marketing is often used concurrently with social media campaigns and SEO strategy, email marketing does have a set of unique advantages. So why is email marketing so important?

Targetted Content

With the correct email marketing strategy, you can send highly personalized content to your customer base. You can divide customer's into different lists based on their preferences, thus enabling you to send relevant content. This will cultivate a feeling of trust, both authenticating your brand and showing a more personable side of the business.

Build Brand Credibility

Creating and sending valuable content to your customers is a great way to build identity. Through styling, designing and writing your emails, you can build brand individuality and gain a competitive edge over your rivals. Email marketing automation is key to understanding your customer base. It's essential to understand your customers so you can create content with them in mind.

Optimize your Marketing Budget

When starting a new business, there are obvious constraints on both money and time. Email Marketing Automation is one of the most cost and time-effective forms of advertising. A professional email marketing campaign doesn't cost the earth and isn't time-consuming either. This allows you to use your time and money in other aspects of the business.


Social Media sites will continue to rise and fall in popularity, whereas email will always remain consistent. There's nothing worse than investing time and money in a marketing outlet only for it to be yesterday's news. Email has great longevity. The first promotional email was sent in 1978, and the service has continued to grow. Email marketing is and will continue to be, a stable, long-term marketing tool.

Why Choose Us

There's no doubt about it, email marketing automation is a skill. Years of spam emails and Nigerian prince scams have left recipients sceptical. At Fruitcake Media, we utilise savvy email marketing strategies that are essential for long term success. We provide email marketing services to the Cheshire region, serving areas such as Macclesfield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Prestbury and Poynton. We split our email marketing service into 2 key areas: Gaining customers and keeping customers. Here are the services we provide:

Gaining Customers

List Building
Bespoke Email Content
Email Frequency Analysis
Customer Journey Utilisation
Customer Focused Content
Mobile-Friendly Emails

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Keeping Customers

Follow-up emails
Campaign Performance Data
Email Analytics
Subscriber Analysis
Tailored Content
Data Identification

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Email Marketing Automation

At Fruitcake Media, our email marketing automation services increase brand awareness, elevate company visibility and helps turn leads into sales. Our marketing automation services are cost-effective, ensuring personalized content reaches your customer base. We keep our clientele up to date with their email strategy, using analysis tools to glean what areas of the email campaign are working and how different demographics are responding to various content.

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