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Fruitcake Media is a family-run web design firm based at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. We can take care of anything from just a simple brochure website to your company's entire online presence. There are no upfront web design fees, set-up costs or additional extras, just one simple monthly fee which covers the entirety of your digital presence

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Fruitcake Media offers both regional and global SEO services to local businesses in the Alderley Edge area. SEO is an essential aspect of business success. It enables companies to build brand awareness, increase their customer demographic, and gain valuable insight into their customer base.

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation.' Through the process of off-screen and on-screen optimisation, web pages appear higher up on Google's ranking, thus increasing visibility amongst potential customers. After all, there's no point having a great business if no one can find it.

As SEO experts in Alderley Edge, we work closely with local businesses to understand their SEO goals and business aims. Whether you're a local company looking for regional SEO results, a multi-national conglomerate requiring global SEO visibility, or a PLC company lacking organic search terms, Fruitcake Media is the answer. We offer affordable SEO in Alderley Edge, offering a transparent and honest service.

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SEO Services Alderley Edge

At Fruitcake Media, we offer SEO services to both small and large businesses in Alderley Edge. As a leading SEO agency in Alderley Edge, we work closely with local businesses to understand their SEO aims and business goals. We also understand that though it's essential website content is optimised, it also needs to read well and be enticing to potential customers. Therefore, when writing high-quality content for local businesses in Alderley Edge, we ensure both writing-quality and optimised key-terms work harmoniously.

Professional SEO Services

As a leading SEO agency in Alderley Edge, we cater for both small local businesses and large multi-national corporations. We provide organic SEO services to Alderley Edge businesses, offering both local SEO and Global SEO. At Fruitcake Media, we believe organic SEO is essential to the success of local businesses. Whilst companies can pay significant amounts of money in the form of Pay Per Click advertising, such results are short-term and not cost-effective. We optimise content organically, ensuring long-term success, cost-effective marketing and affordable SEO services in Alderley Edge. To read more about the advantages of Organic SEO, please read the following article

Affordable SEO Alderley Edge

Here at Fruitcake Media, we provide organic optimisation and affordable SEO services in Alderley Edge. Nowadays, numerous SEO agency's offer quick, overnight results. Such services are often expensive with results short term. We take great care, pride and effort developing bespoke SEO strategy for companies in Alderley Edge. Through committing to organic optimisation, we ensure results are long-term and sustainable. If you're a local business, requiring professional SEO services in Alderley Edge, please get in touch with a member of the team today. A member of the SEO team will be happy to handle your requirements and discuss Fruitcake Media's SEO marketing in Alderley Edge.

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Population of Alderley Edge

The village of Alderley Edge has a population of 4780 and is situated in Cheshire, North-West England. It's located 12 miles south of Manchester city centre and 6 miles northwest of Macclesfield.

Early History of Alderley Edge

Discoveries of flint implements found near Alderley Edge's 'The Edge' provides proof of occupation since the Mesolithic period. Furthermore, evidence of Bronze Age copper mining has been discovered to the south of Alderley Edge. In 1995, members of the Derbyshire Caving Clun found 564 Roman Age coins dating from AD 317 to AD 336. At the time of writing, there are 13 sites listed on the County Sites and Monuments Record in Alderley Edge, with a further 28 in Nether Alderley and 44 along The Edge itself. Medieval settlements are recorded at Nether Alderley, however, the first mention of Alderley Edge appears in the charter of 1280.

Economic History

Throughout the 13th century, the area comprised of privately owned estates, most of them belonging to the De Trafford-baronets. The economy was mainly agriculturally based, with a market charter granted in 1253 developing feudal marketeering. The economy developed in the 17th century to primarily lead and copper mining. The coming of the railway in 1842 gave Alderley Edge its name. Originally the station was called Chorley, however railway bosses didn't want the town to be confused with Chorley, Lancashire, thus renaming it 'Alderley Edge; in 1880.

Victorian-era Alderley Edge

The 1800s was a time of significant development in Alderley Edge: St Philip's Church was built in 1853, Alderley Edge Community Primary School was built in 1854, and The Ryley's School was opened in 1877. Such development was reiterated in the census of 1902; displaying population growth from 561 to 2856.

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