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Why social media is essential for local businesses

Why social media is more important for local business? Reasons why to prioritise social media 1). Extremely Cost-Efficient Though users can pay for targeted advertising, social media channels are fundamentally free tools. A social media page costs nothing to set up, with its success dependent

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Fruitcake Media's Table Booking System

Fruitcake Media's New Table Booking System Automate bookings and reservations There's no doubt about it, COVID-19 decimated the hospitality industry. Even now, with restrictions a distant dream, customers are still are wary about visiting their favourite food and drink establishments. This

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Top 10 ways to increase traffic to your website

10 Ways to Increase your website traffic Expand your Customer Base Today 1) Utilise SEO Getting to the top of Google for relevant search terms and key phrases increases your website's visibility. By optimising search terms related to your service, you can increase 'relevant' web

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Local SEO vs National SEO

Local SEO vs National SEO A comprehensive SEO strategy guide In today's digital world, companies have to prioritise their digital presence. Investing in ethical SEO services is essential to any business, providing them with visibility and brand awareness to attract new customers. Despite the

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Why Websites are Essential for Small Businesses

Why Websites are Essential for Small Businesses Elevate your local business Visibility The internet is the world's biggest high street, and your website is your stall. Your website is a snapshot of your business, giving customers a small insight as to what you do. A website should grab the

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Adapt your SEO Strategy Post COVID-19

Build a strong SEO Strategy post COVID-19 Our advice and tips 1). Prioritise Local SEO Take a break from the high-traffic/high-competition key phrases and focus your efforts locally. The Coronavirus has emphasized the importance of local business, revealing the abundance of local produce and

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Organic Search vs Paid Search

Organic SEO vs PPC Advertising Our guide to SEO Strategy There are two types of web search: Organic Search and Paid Search. Organic search relates to unpaid, ethical rankings on the SERPs (search engine results page). The rankings are determined by algorithms and can be optimized through a competent

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