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Terms & Conditions

1.1 With a Fruitcake Media website, information about your business or organisation is published to the internet. Your data is presented in a bespoke style and you are able to keep it up-to-date through Fruitcake Media's CentrePointCMS, our content management system.

1.2 The content of your website can cover just a few pages or many, and it can include images and video as well as text. Your content remains yours at all times, as do the page layouts designed by Fruitcake Media for your organisation.

1.3 The Fruitcake Media CentrePointCMS content management system allows easy updating of content. The CMS remains the property of Fruitcake Media, with access to it being leased as part of your agreement.

1.4 Your website is stored on one of our UK-based servers. Although this should reliably allow access to your website at all times, there may be occasional interruptions in service caused by factors beyond Fruitcake Media's control. Fruitcake Media accepts no liability for any losses incurred through the unavailability of your website.

1.5 Fruitcake Media makes daily back-ups of your website, but offers no guarantees on the security of your data. Fruitcake Media strongly recommends that you keep your own back-ups. Fruitcake Media accepts no liability for any losses incurred through loss of data.

1.6 Fruitcake Media offers an optimisation service, which attempts to have your site ranked as highly as possible by Google and other search engines. Google-ranking is dependent on many factors, including how many other similar sites are in the field. Fruitcake Media can therefore offer no guarantees on where and search engine will rank your site.

1.7 All Fruitcake Media websites are designed to work on all mainstream Internet Browsers including smart phone browsers and tablets (iPads etc). Fruitcake Media Software will work on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Mac Safari 2+, Google Chrome.

1.8 Software supplied by Fruitcake Media remains the property of Fruitcake Media but is leased to the customer for their use. Fruitcake Media retains access to the software, and thereby to any data it stores, for maintenance, development and troubleshooting. Fruitcake Media is not responsible for the collection, storing or use of any data gathered by customers. Any enquiries about the integrity or security of such data should be made to the relevant customer, not to Fruitcake Media.

Ordering a Fruitcake Media product

2.1 Fruitcake Media will discuss your requirements with you. Fruitcake Media will give you a quotation, which will remain valid for two months.

2.2 The quotation will be presented as a monthly charge for the design and operation of your website (covering server hosting, email addresses (if required), domain name (if required) and access to Fruitcake Media CentrePointCMS (if required).

Building Your Website and Payments

3.1 To begin the build of your new website you will need to pay your first months fee as quoted to you by the Fruitcake representative.

3.2 You will be billed each month thereafter on the same date.

3.3 Once you have paid, the background work and build will start straight away whilst you fill out the Content Form.

3.4 After receipt of the content form, you will have your first draft within 7 working days. We will work through any changes required with you and then put the site live.

3.5 Fruitcake Media websites are all subject to a 12-month minimum contract after which a 30 day cancellation notice applies. Your contract starts from the payment of the first invoice. By paying the invoice you agree to these terms.

3.6 The website payments will continue as long as the site is live. Failure to supply content will not stop the payments.

Updating your content

4.1 Fruitcake Media will assist with minor updates however it is always encouraged that the customer uses the CentrePointCMS to update changes directly to their website. Full training on the CentrePointCMS will be given to the customer and we will be available for assistance and support throughout the contract.

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