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Fruitcake Media is a family-run web design firm based at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. We can take care of anything from just a simple brochure website to your company's entire online presence. There are no upfront web design fees, set-up costs or additional extras, just one simple monthly fee which covers the entirety of your digital presence

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Social Media Marketing Macclesfield

Fruitcake Media provides social media marketing services to businesses in Macclesfield. When utilised correctly, social media can be an essential tool for companies. A professional social media campaign helps build trust with customers, gives valuable insight into your customer base, increases brand awareness and endorses company authenticity. Fruitcake Media provides several social media services to companies in Macclesfield. Whether you're a regional business looking to increase brand awareness, a multinational conglomerate aspiring to gain insight on your customer base, or a PLC looking to boost website traffic, Fruitcake Media can help.

We work closely with businesses, gleaning their business goals and social media aims. We create branded templates for social media posts, interact with relevant customer demographics, analyse related hashtags, and post up to date posts regarding your business. Our social media campaigns help companies in Macclesfield to increase the quality and quantity of potential customers.

Social Media Services Macclesfield

  • Social media template design: Our designers will create a branded template for social media posts. This means posts look professional, consistent, and increases brand awareness. Though the posts themselves will differ, the template will remain the same across all social media platforms.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly Posts: Using the pre-designed template, we post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Posts may detail aspects of your website, link to specific pages, or target specific customers. The posts will link to your website thus helping increase traffic.
  • Targeted Posts: Using hashtag analysis, we can target social media posts at specific demographics or customer bases. This helps increase brand visibility amongst potential customers.
  • Account Interaction: Through interacting with specific accounts and pages, we can increase the number of potential customers.

How much does Social Media Macclesfield cost?

  • £15 per month: Includes one designed template, weekly posts, account interaction, targeted posts, brief hashtag analysis.
  • £25 per month: Includes two designed templates, profile and cover photo design, bi-weekly posts, significant account interaction, targeted posts, significant hashtag analysis.

Visit Social Media Wilmslow, Social Media Alderley Edge, Social Media Prestbury for region-specific information or get in touch with our Customer Services Team to find out more.

Where is Macclesfield Situated?

Macclesfield is civil parish and market town situated in East Cheshire, North-West England. According to the 2011 census, the population of Macclesfield was 51,482.Macclesfield lies on the picturesque River Bollin, with the iconic Macclesfield Forest to its east. The town of Macclesfield is ideal for commuters, lying within a stone's throw of the bustling city of Manchester. It's approximately 15 miles south of Manchester city centre, and 38 miles east of the historic city of Chester.

Early History of Macclesfield

Prior to William the Conqueror's Conquest of England (1066), Macclesfield was held by Edwin, Earl of Mercia (1015-1066). The manor of Macclesfield is mentioned in the Domesday Book as 'Maclesfeld', translated as 'Macel's open country', The medieval town of 'Maclesfeld' was situated upon the hilltop around what is now St Michael's Church. In 1261, the town was granted a royal chrter by Edward I, future king of England (1239-1397). In 1502, the Macclesfield Grammar School was founded.

Economic History of Macclesfield

Throughout the 17th century, Macclesfield was renowned for its silk-button industry, becoming a silk-manufacturing hub in the 1750s. The Macclesfield Canal was constructed in 1826, providing employment to the people of Macclesfield and its surrounding areas. The Hovis breadmakers were another Victorian business who provided employment to the people of Macclesfield. Several mill buildings are still standing today, with the town's museum paying homage to the local silk industry. Macclesfield landmarks include Georgian buildings such as the Macclesfield Town Hall, St Alban's Chruch, and the Arighi Bianchi furniture shop.

Notable Macclesfield Residents

Stuart Evers- Novelist and Short Story Writer
Jim Moray- Iconic Folk Musician
David Dickinson- Television Personality and Antiques Expert
Emily Whitlock- Squash Player
Jonathon Agnew MBE- Cricketer

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