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Fruitcake Media is a family-run web design firm based at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. We can take care of anything from just a simple brochure website to your company's entire online presence. There are no upfront web design fees, set-up costs or additional extras, just one simple monthly fee which covers the entirety of your digital presence

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A professional social media campaign helps build trust with customers, increases brand awareness, elevates company authenticity and gives valuable insight into your customer base.

Fruitcake Media provides social media marketing services to local businesses in Prestbury. Social media campaigns, when employed correctly, are integral tools for businesses. Fruitcake Media provides a variety of social media services to companies in the Alderley Edge area. Whether you're a small company looking to build brand awareness, a multinational conglomerate aspiring to gain insight into your customer base, or a PLC looking to increase website traffic, Fruitcake Media can help.

Fruitcake Media provides social media marketing and social media campaigns to local Prestbury companies. We work closely with local businesses, gleaning their company aims and social media aims. We create branded templates for social media posts, interact with relevant customer demographics, analyse related hashtags, and post up to date posts regarding your business. Our social media campaigns help companies in Prestbury increase the quality and quantity of potential customers. For more information regarding social media marketing Prestbury, please get in touch today.

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Social Media Prestbury

At Fruitcake Media, we provide the following social media services to businesses in Prestbury:

  • Social media template design: Our designers will create a branded template for social media posts. This means posts look professional, consistent, and increases brand awareness. Though the posts themselves will differ, the template will remain the same across all social media platforms.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly Posts: Using the pre-designed template, we post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Posts may detail aspects of your website, link to specific pages, or target specific customers. The posts will link to your website thus helping increase traffic.
  • Targeted Posts: Using hashtag analysis, we can target social media posts at specific demographics or customer bases. This helps increase brand visibility amongst potential customers.
  • Account Interaction: Through interacting with specific accounts and pages, we can increase the number of potential customers.

How much does Social Media Prestbury cost?

We provide 2 social media packages:

  • £15 per month: Includes one designed template, weekly posts, account interaction, targeted posts, brief hashtag analysis.
  • £25 per month: Includes two designed templates, profile and cover photo design, bi-weekly posts, significant account interaction, targeted posts, significant hashtag analysis.

Visit Social Media Macclesfield, Social Media Wilmslow, Social Media Alderley Edge, for region-specific information or get in touch with our Customer Services Team to find out more.

Where is Prestbury Situated?

Prestbury is a village and civil parish located in Cheshire, North-West England. It lies approximately 18 miles outside of Manchester and is situated 1.5 miles north of Macclesfield. The villages of Prestbury, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow collaboratively make up Cheshire's 'Golden Triangle.'

Early History of Prestbury

There is evidence to suggest that Prestbury initial settlers were priests. The villages name derived from Preôsta burh. Preôsta burh is often thought to mean 'town of priests' however its correct translation means 'priest's fortified enclosure.' There is no evidence of the settlement of Prestbury before Saxon times, however, its nearby cemetery, excavated in 1808 contains cremation urns signs of pre-Christian sacrificial ritual.

Prestbury's Notable Residents

Notable residents of Prestbury include Peter Crouch, Angel Di Maria, Andrew Flintoff, Paddy McGuiness, Charles Lawson, and Jamie Harding.

Politics of Prestbury

Situated in the authority of Cheshire East, Prestbury is a borough of Cheshire. It is part also part of Macclesfield's UK parliamentary constituency. Prestbury is situated in Cheshire East, a unitary authority area with borough status in the ceremonial county of Cheshire. Prestbury falls within the UK parliament constituency of Macclesfield, a strongly Conservative constituency represented by MP David Rutley, who gained office in the 2010 United Kingdom general election. Locally Prestbury is governed by the Prestbury Parish Council which has 10 Councillors and meets once per month.

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